Quistis Trepe (save_the_queen) wrote in lost_kingdom,
Quistis Trepe

An update of sorts.

It’s been a long few days. I mean…firstly I spent a lot of time reading books I found in the library. Some of them very interesting, which I’ll tell you about later, while others were not quite the font of knowledge I was looking for.

Tiring of this come the morning, I went in search of Aerith, as I mentioned in my previous entry. Well, I found her shortly after, along with some blond…man. There is something…odd about him, but I shan’t let it get in the way of the current goings on, so long as he is on our side. Besides, he went along with my idea to look for other people quickly enough…a good job too.

We managed to find three…bodies for lack of a better word. Two of the bodies were slightly less than dead, but only just. If we had arrived any later, and I don’t believe either of them would be around to tell the tale. As it is, there is only one dead body to worry about…I’m not entirely sure what happened to it, while I got left with the care of Cloud.

He was in a bad way, but…he’s doing alright now. Stable….stable enough to have gone missing while I popped out to the library. I really can’t understand it. Actually, Seifer (the guy so Aerith told me), was gone too, as was his charge in the next room. It’s all very odd, and so I haven’t even found them to tell them the news.

While I was in the library that first night, and this is the whole reason I went back, to get the book out, check I was right, I found one detailing mythical beasts and such. One entry in particular caught my eye. The Legendary Phoenix. Apparently, there is such a bird, and it makes it’s home on a world known as Deep Jungle. Among its vast amount of mystical properties, it is said that a single down feather of this bird will resurrect life from the ashes.

Well, after Seifer told me his suspicions that Cloud was the attacker…I thought about the book…and I wondered, were it to be true, we could perhaps bring back the last piece of the puzzle…and perhaps the mysterious dead man could help us find some answers.

Oh, I think I hear someone coming up here, well, wish me luck, I’m going to try sell this idea to them.
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