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Another world awaits me...

I'm finally here. I don't know where 'here' is, but I'm here at least. Four years of waiting... finally over. For a while, it didn't seem like anything would happen. As days and weeks and months went by, I started to think I would be trapped on the islands forever.

Without him. Without them.

I wonder where they are now. Wonder if they're even alive. When my heart was returned to me (.. that sounds weird), I lost that special connection I had to Sora. Or maybe I lost it because the worlds were closed.

And the last I knew of Riku, he and Ansem were still..... but Ansem was defeated. I wonder....

Either way, I'm here -- in another world. I want to find them, if possible. For now, this woman named Aerith has taken me under her wing. Took me to some big castle. I'm grateful for it... that town wasn't the most pleasant place in the dark.

... I wonder where they are.
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