Wakka (blitz_my_balls) wrote in lost_kingdom,

It's a little hard to admit...

It's not that I don't think Tidus can take care of himself, it's really not! It's just... he's so niave to the world, yanno? He doesn't understand that everyone out there isn't like him- all kind, open, and honest. And especially now that we're stuck in this place, so far from home, he should be even more on his guard!

I know I'm being over-protective, maybe even treating him a little like a child. But after he told me Sora and Riku were around da castle, it really got me thinking, yah? How easy it was for those two to slip apart, and there was no one closer than those guys. So maybe I'm a little scared that the same thing could happen to Tidus and me. Ok, maybe I'm really scared that it could happen.

And when I saw him with that stranger, Irvine I think it was, something just snapped. He doesn't know this guy! He could be the very evil Tidus was speaking about, yah?

So maybe I'm overreacting again. I seem to do that a lot lately when it comes to my best friend. I think I need to go see Sora or Riku for myself, to really confirm that something like... what I'm afraid of... could happen. I still can't believe they're not friends anymore...

With all that being said, I heard some talk around the castle of a "Halloween Party" in the ballroom tomorrow night. I've got one question...

Should I know what dis "Halloween" thing is?
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