My Clear Illusion (kingdomnani) wrote in lost_kingdom,
My Clear Illusion


Okay now I know I was suppose look for Rikku, but when a moose lady tells you to get ready for party you do. I was wandering the halls trying to find... something at least, when out she popped from a room. She took one look at me and did some sort of moose thing. She whined about me dressing shabby.
I am a summoner, I don't dress shabby! Shiva won't let me and besides Rikku has good taste. She picks out everything I wear!
But that is beside the point, the moose lady went on and on about... Halloween? Well whatever. She told me that I was going to dress up like an... well, I wasn't listening to her that well. I was too distracted by the flying masses of clothes that she sent ... well... flying.
How can there be so much clothes in one closet?!?!
Anyway. I found myself some new attire. *ahem* Yes, Rikku, I got my own clothes for once.
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