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....... Bah.

He wrote on my ball.

He wrote on my ball.

He wrote on my ball.

OK, so maybe I'm overreacting a little... a lot, but dat was my favorite ball! Sometimes Tidus just doesn't think before he acts, but maybe that blitz to da head will help him remember next time, yah? Ha!... but it was good to see he was alright, and maybe I'm not so lonely anymore. Sure, Mickey was a nice guy... thing... mouse, but it's nice to be in da company of people I know again.

Which reminds me, I can't believe Sora and Riku are really here! After all this time, I'll get to see my bruddas again! That is, if they're up to it. From the way Tidus was talking 'bout them, I don't think Sora's in the condition and Riku could care less. They don't even wanna see each other! I guess time really can change a person... Ah, not Tidus and me, though. I think that boy will be latching onto my leg until the day we die, yah? But lately, that thought hasn't seemed so bad...

I do hafta admit though, I'm kinda worried about this "evil" Tidus said was lurking around inside the castle, yanno? He's right, if it's in there, shouldn't that be the last place we wanna be?
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