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[10 Nov 2003|10:59pm]

[ mood | relaxed ]

OOCCollapse )

It's the strangest thing... I've seen so many people I remember from years ago, and people I don't know. I've spent my days wandering in the flower gardens and practicing fighting techniques, you know... Just in case.

It's really beautiful, but I don't know why I am here. Nevertheless, it is nice to be stolen away for awhile.

[It's not like I really had anything left.]

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.......... [02 Nov 2003|10:24pm]

I don't remember much, definitely not how I got here. I can faintly recall the image of someone with strange hair; however, the vision is very blurred.

I was walking for days before I finally reached civilization... hmm, if you can call it that. I'm not sure just how "civilized" this place qualifies as. There seems to be some sort of celebration occuring, something called Halloween where frightening creatures and monsters are the preferred theme.

I'm not amused.

I suppose the first order of business is to find someone around here that may have a clue as to what's going on. I was told by villagers that someone in the palace at the center of town might know.

Though I'm not so sure if I should trust talking livestock.
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Ramblings of a Cowboy; Part 1 [02 Nov 2003|11:05am]

I deeply apologize for the lack of penmanship on my part. I've been quite busy, actually...

Now, where did I leave off last?

The day after the infamous Sora-disappearing-on-me Act, I had found my way to the library, and lo' and behold! Who do I meet? Seifer! However, he really seemed distant, and didn't remember me...but I suppose that's OK. He was lookin' real good, too, you know...not walking around with a broom up his ass anymore. Anyway, we ended up going to the kitchen, got some food to eat...and yeah...the rest shall be disclosed and shall be available to only me. And him, of course.

That very same day, get this, I'm outside, walkin' in the gardens, since it was a lovely day [everyday's a friggin' lovely day around here...] and I ended up sopping wet, ass in the fountain and all. I met this lovely naive blonde by the name of Tidus and his friend with the flippin' upstyle hairdo, Wakka. Wakka doesn't like me much, I gather, which is absolutely fine with me. Though, I don't think he knows that I know that he is, obviously and totally oblivious to the fact that he's so into Tidus, and just scared of competition. Now, now, don't get me wrong...I mean, I could even seduce that eye-patch wearing chick from the Garden if I wanted to...Tidus should be no problem. Too bad I'm not that type of person. But, being the good, heartly cowboy that I am, I think I know what to do...

The Halloween party wasn't all that it was cracked up to be, so those who missed it, you didn't miss much. Met this lovely girl named Yuna, while...

OH, I did see Squall and some silver haired dude going at it in the hallway. Hm. Never knew Squally was gay...you know, if I had known earlier...
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'I'll come back to you. I promise.' [02 Nov 2003|05:44am]

[ mood | content ]

And we kept that promise. Because you know who I met tonight?


I didn't think it would happen so suddenly. I was just wandering the castle, getting my costume ready for the so-call 'party' that night....

And then I paid a visit to the ballroom and there he was.

Everything's going to be alright now. He's here. And Riku's around somewhere too. And Tidus and Selphie and Wakka.... They're all alive and in the castle. Everything's fine.

Well, maybe not everything. There's something... wrong... here. I don't know how to describe it. It's in the air. And no one else seems too keen on putting words to it either.

But.. I still feel safe. As long as they're with me.

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[01 Nov 2003|10:28am]
I don't know what's wrong. I thought Irvine was a nice guy, friendly and helpful and stuff, but for some reason he irritates the hell out of Wakka. Maybe it's the cowboy thing? Maybe Wakka doesn't like cowboys? Maybe he sympathizes with the Indians or something? Most likely it's just that I don't get it and it's not the cowboys Wakka dislikes but the Irvines.

It's been oddly quiet, and I can't decide if it's because things are alright now or if they're just getting worse. This place is nice for a few days, a few weeks if you're strong enough but I'm homesick. And I want to go home. I want to play blitzball with Wakka, or to run away from Selphie after playing a prank on her. I don't want to sit here with nothing to do because then I feel -useless- and worry about things I'm not even sure are worth worrying for.

...Anyway. So what's this Halloween thing supposed to do? I don't want to get into some costume getup. I don't even know what costume getup I'm supposed to get in. This bites. They didn't have this stupid Halloween at home.
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Rikku [01 Nov 2003|03:13am]

Okay now I know I was suppose look for Rikku, but when a moose lady tells you to get ready for party you do. I was wandering the halls trying to find... something at least, when out she popped from a room. She took one look at me and did some sort of moose thing. She whined about me dressing shabby.
I am a summoner, I don't dress shabby! Shiva won't let me and besides Rikku has good taste. She picks out everything I wear!
But that is beside the point, the moose lady went on and on about... Halloween? Well whatever. She told me that I was going to dress up like an... well, I wasn't listening to her that well. I was too distracted by the flying masses of clothes that she sent ... well... flying.
How can there be so much clothes in one closet?!?!
Anyway. I found myself some new attire. *ahem* Yes, Rikku, I got my own clothes for once.
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[01 Nov 2003|12:34am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

I dreamed the other night about Kairi. Do you have any idea how long it's been since I've thought about her, let alone dream about her? And yet.. Somehow, as impossible as it may seem, I can feel her. She's nearby; I know her heart better than anyone else.. It's beating strong, and pure.. And somehow, it makes me ache. Full, complete, agonizing pain... And I'm scared. I don't know how to react or handle this.

Riku's been stepping in and out of my dreams also. His presence is much more foreign sometimes.. I feel as if I'm missing something when around him; like a fragment of myself, or a piece I've lost. I don't know, it's rather difficult to explain. It's not like the pain I feel when around Kairi.. This pain is different, somewhat numb, and dull, as if it's been worn to it's final beat.. Uh, sure.

It seems sometime soon, likely tomorrow, a Halloween Party is being thrown.. Thinking back four years ago.. I remember Jack; Halloween Town. Odd place, very unusual but exciting and amusing at the same time. Donald and Goofy hadn't liked the attire change, nor did they look like themsel-.. Donald.. Goofy. I wonder how they are. I hope they're alright..

Maybe tomorrow will be fun. I should be resting, or at least refraining from walking so much. I do believe the previous cuts and what not have only managed to open wider. But I won't allow that to keep me from having fun. I'll be happy. For once. Nothing will be able to drag me down. Not this time.

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It's a little hard to admit... [01 Nov 2003|01:12am]

It's not that I don't think Tidus can take care of himself, it's really not! It's just... he's so niave to the world, yanno? He doesn't understand that everyone out there isn't like him- all kind, open, and honest. And especially now that we're stuck in this place, so far from home, he should be even more on his guard!

I know I'm being over-protective, maybe even treating him a little like a child. But after he told me Sora and Riku were around da castle, it really got me thinking, yah? How easy it was for those two to slip apart, and there was no one closer than those guys. So maybe I'm a little scared that the same thing could happen to Tidus and me. Ok, maybe I'm really scared that it could happen.

And when I saw him with that stranger, Irvine I think it was, something just snapped. He doesn't know this guy! He could be the very evil Tidus was speaking about, yah?

So maybe I'm overreacting again. I seem to do that a lot lately when it comes to my best friend. I think I need to go see Sora or Riku for myself, to really confirm that something like... what I'm afraid of... could happen. I still can't believe they're not friends anymore...

With all that being said, I heard some talk around the castle of a "Halloween Party" in the ballroom tomorrow night. I've got one question...

Should I know what dis "Halloween" thing is?
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Another world awaits me... [01 Nov 2003|12:46am]

[ mood | anxious ]

I'm finally here. I don't know where 'here' is, but I'm here at least. Four years of waiting... finally over. For a while, it didn't seem like anything would happen. As days and weeks and months went by, I started to think I would be trapped on the islands forever.

Without him. Without them.

I wonder where they are now. Wonder if they're even alive. When my heart was returned to me (.. that sounds weird), I lost that special connection I had to Sora. Or maybe I lost it because the worlds were closed.

And the last I knew of Riku, he and Ansem were still..... but Ansem was defeated. I wonder....

Either way, I'm here -- in another world. I want to find them, if possible. For now, this woman named Aerith has taken me under her wing. Took me to some big castle. I'm grateful for it... that town wasn't the most pleasant place in the dark.

... I wonder where they are.

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[30 Oct 2003|07:20am]

When did it get this bad...

When did it get to the point, where I had grown so accustom to the darkness, that I actually became the darkness itself? I think most would argue that it was long ago, from the very moment I opened my heart up to Ansem.

But they would be wrong.

Even then I still had my sanity- there was still a part of me that was undeniably Riku. Maybe Sora was the only one who could see it deep inside of me, but I was still there- still struggling to break free.

Now I'm not so sure. Did I spend so much time locked within Kingdom Hearts, that over the years I actually became one with the darkness? Did Mickey and I not notice it because at the time, it was all we ever knew? From the moment I was flung back through the doorway, my body has been changing- along with my mind. And now that the Heartless symbol has appeared on my arm, I think it's pretty obvious what's happening to me.

I'm changing into... I can't let...

How do I save me from... myself?
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[30 Oct 2003|07:00pm]

[ mood | tired ]

I've...really been away for too long from here.

As embarassing as it can be, I have actually gotten myself lost on my own Castle grounds. As of now, I have no idea where the heck I am. Or where everyone else is.

Maybe it had been a bad idea going off by myself (and placing, apparently, too much faith on my memories) to look for Riku. And to cool off a little.

...I'm too old for this kind of thing.


I'm hungry.

And lost.

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[31 Oct 2003|05:47am]

[ mood | lonely ]

This place is so odd...

In any case, I've done... nothing lately. Shush. I've mostly been reading-at least the libraries around here are wonderful-and walking around. Fear me, for I am the ever productive Ellone.

I'm worried about how-and just where-Uncle Laguana is. Yes, I'm aware that he's fully an adult, but you wouldn't guess so from the way he acts... I'm never going to need to have a child.

Leon mentioned there were a lot of other people around here, but so far, I haven't met any of them. Is this a blessing in disguise? Perhaps. I do get a little lonely at times. [... That so did not sound right. I must be going out of my mind.]

I think I'll get out and walk around a bit. It's too tiring to sit in my room, day in and day out.

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An update of sorts. [29 Oct 2003|03:24am]

It’s been a long few days. I mean…firstly I spent a lot of time reading books I found in the library. Some of them very interesting, which I’ll tell you about later, while others were not quite the font of knowledge I was looking for.

Tiring of this come the morning, I went in search of Aerith, as I mentioned in my previous entry. Well, I found her shortly after, along with some blond…man. There is something…odd about him, but I shan’t let it get in the way of the current goings on, so long as he is on our side. Besides, he went along with my idea to look for other people quickly enough…a good job too.

We managed to find three…bodies for lack of a better word. Two of the bodies were slightly less than dead, but only just. If we had arrived any later, and I don’t believe either of them would be around to tell the tale. As it is, there is only one dead body to worry about…I’m not entirely sure what happened to it, while I got left with the care of Cloud.

He was in a bad way, but…he’s doing alright now. Stable….stable enough to have gone missing while I popped out to the library. I really can’t understand it. Actually, Seifer (the guy so Aerith told me), was gone too, as was his charge in the next room. It’s all very odd, and so I haven’t even found them to tell them the news.

While I was in the library that first night, and this is the whole reason I went back, to get the book out, check I was right, I found one detailing mythical beasts and such. One entry in particular caught my eye. The Legendary Phoenix. Apparently, there is such a bird, and it makes it’s home on a world known as Deep Jungle. Among its vast amount of mystical properties, it is said that a single down feather of this bird will resurrect life from the ashes.

Well, after Seifer told me his suspicions that Cloud was the attacker…I thought about the book…and I wondered, were it to be true, we could perhaps bring back the last piece of the puzzle…and perhaps the mysterious dead man could help us find some answers.

Oh, I think I hear someone coming up here, well, wish me luck, I’m going to try sell this idea to them.
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Hmph. [28 Oct 2003|09:35pm]

The more I find out from the various occupants of this castle other than myself, the more I get myself confused.

It's unsettling, to know that for once in my life, I have no idea what's going on. Even when the initial outbreak of Heartless was about, I knew, or at least had some sort of idea on how to settle it...but this is ridiculous. Maybe it's the loss of control over the very thing we had put away for good four years ago that's driving me insane...or maybe it's the people that I'm forced to be with during this time of much...confusion.

Riku...and I...he...nevermind.

Cloud seemed...very strange when I talked to him. He was just talking crazy talk, and I had no idea what he was talking about. And he mentioned something about my light...but...how do you know what your light is when you don't even think you have one?...
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[29 Oct 2003|05:59am]

The melody of my fate seems to have shifted its tune.

I on my way to Treno, but I somehow managed to awake in this ungodly strange kingdom. I doubt it was the cause of the canary and her band of fools, they could never pull off such an act. All I know is that this can't possibly be Gaia, and I have no earthly idea why I am here.

All I can possibly fathom is something to do with seeing a man who looked to of been struck by a thungada several more times than necessary. Really, how do you get hair to stand up like that?

There's a castle in this city, which seems to be the capital of this kingdom. Or at least, this is what I conclude after asking a vender about my current location. The details are sketchy. She struck up a song about something mundane like the bread she was selling and went through a fairly complicated dance routine with the lamppost next to us. She mentioned something about a 'King Mickey', probably the ruler

Of course they decided to include yours truly in that. They seemed surprised that I didn't know the words, nor the steps they took, then determined that I couldn't be from around here... I wonder how they ever came to that conclusion.

Am I to be forever pestered by dancing animals and things...?

Though I was advised by a passing cat that I should go to the castle and I could find out more there and on these streets. Which I was going to do anyway. There's bound to be something worth finding out there...
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What? [27 Oct 2003|06:03pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

It's funny. I was talking with Lulu and Auron about something. What I'm not sure. But I don't really remember what happened after that. It is all a blank. I'm just here. In this castle. People say the King is a... mouse?
*sigh* Maybe it's not so funny. I think we were off to see Rikku. Now come to mention it where is everyone. I guess I should go look around see if I can meet anyone other than just servants and try to figure out what is going on and why I am here.

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Teh Lord of Darkness [26 Oct 2003|10:32pm]

I want to rip my very eyes from the sockets within. Gods, it burns!! I can feel it... a fiery sensation that seems to seep through my clothing and bite at my skin everywhere. Kingdom Hearts is not what I expected it to be! Most of my endless studies and data have been crumbled to bits by that damned protecter of Light. Once more, I tried to open my eyes to attempt seeing beyond the Light in hopes of darkness behind. But it was futile and in the last moments of being visible before Sora, I screamed with anger of defeat.

...it has been a while since the light has brightly shone in my eyes. It threatens to burn my blackened heart completely. Now after many months of healing, I slowly began regaining my strength and power. I had become pathetic... and yet, an unknown figured nursed me to health... put me back on my feet. Yes... now the time has come for me to come out of the darkness once more and taint the world!

I would have already made my next move if the body I borrowed had not in a sense, fragmented. It was baffling to think of how it happened but it definitly prolonged the comeback of my exuberant self. Never-the-less, I am ready to make a move with assistance from my very associate. The first thing on my mind is clear: I must retrieve the heart of Light; that which shrouds itself by hiding within the darkness itself...
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[23 Oct 2003|10:59pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

I held him.

I actually held him, if only for a split second. He was alone, from what I could tell, wandering the corridor, admiring the paintings.. I was trying to remain conscious enough too comprehend, if not to continue walking.. We stumbled upon each other by accident, and I had the fleeting idea he'd run. But he didn't; he seemed breathless, at loss for words.. Somehow captured.

But he crumbled, something drove him to his knees.. Maybe that heartless tattoo on his shoulder [odd how I've never noticed it before]. But whatever it was, it was hurting him. And I didn't like it. He asked for my help; I didn't know what to do! I froze up, I was scared; Oh god, Riku. I'm sorry I couldn't help. I just cradled him, wishing the pain would go away, praying that whatever it was, it'd leave so I could be with him just a few moments longer before that dream ended.

It had to been a dream. It had to been.

And then Cloud came. Cloud took him away, swept him out of my lap, from my arms, and carried him down the hallway. He was there, and.. Then he was gone. Just like before. Just like on Destiny Islands.. Except the darkness didn't swallow him.. Not this time.

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....... Bah. [21 Oct 2003|07:34pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

He wrote on my ball.

He wrote on my ball.

He wrote on my ball.

OK, so maybe I'm overreacting a little... a lot, but dat was my favorite ball! Sometimes Tidus just doesn't think before he acts, but maybe that blitz to da head will help him remember next time, yah? Ha!... but it was good to see he was alright, and maybe I'm not so lonely anymore. Sure, Mickey was a nice guy... thing... mouse, but it's nice to be in da company of people I know again.

Which reminds me, I can't believe Sora and Riku are really here! After all this time, I'll get to see my bruddas again! That is, if they're up to it. From the way Tidus was talking 'bout them, I don't think Sora's in the condition and Riku could care less. They don't even wanna see each other! I guess time really can change a person... Ah, not Tidus and me, though. I think that boy will be latching onto my leg until the day we die, yah? But lately, that thought hasn't seemed so bad...

I do hafta admit though, I'm kinda worried about this "evil" Tidus said was lurking around inside the castle, yanno? He's right, if it's in there, shouldn't that be the last place we wanna be?

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[21 Oct 2003|08:23pm]
Talk about painful reunions.

My head is still ringing a little, honestly. Wakka doesn't know how hard he kicks that damn ball sometimes. Just because I started randomnly doodling on that old blitzball of his doesn't mean he has to sock me in the head with it. It's not as if I really wanted to, except that it really was tempting at the time. Personally, I blame that stupid black marker, sitting half-uncapped so innocently on that stupid table. At least it's probably not going to happen again, because even if I tried, Wakka would bite my head off before I got anywhere near.

Alright, alright, Wakka, I get the point. I won't worry about Sora and Riku anymore. Now stop messing up my hair.

Oh, and that short little guy he came with? Yeah, it still stumps me as to how someone three feet tall can sound so intimidating. His voice was really squeaky too, and I could've sworn I saw mouse ears. Great, 'cause y'know, evil mouses in trenchcoats are just one step away from that walking chipmunk I saw the other day. Landing in this castle is just my luck. It's filled with scary people, from the room in the corridor to the garden gates, ranging in heights and sizes. Take your pick. They're all just as friendly. Really.
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