Princess Garnet Til Alexandros the 17th (darkest_blood) wrote in lost_kingdom,
Princess Garnet Til Alexandros the 17th

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[[ooc| Okay, guys. Sorry I've been so damn busy, but finally I've found time to post. I needed to catch up with the logs and everything, and here I am. <33 I'll try to get on AIM more, my stupid computer sucks and won't let me.]]

It's the strangest thing... I've seen so many people I remember from years ago, and people I don't know. I've spent my days wandering in the flower gardens and practicing fighting techniques, you know... Just in case.

It's really beautiful, but I don't know why I am here. Nevertheless, it is nice to be stolen away for awhile.

[It's not like I really had anything left.]
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