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The Lost Kingdom

A Fantasy world RPG

Lost Kingdom
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[ OOC Information ]

lost_kingdom is a Kingdom Hearts roleplaying community. Please review the rules before considering joining.

||Roleplaying will take place on AIM - AOL Instant Messanger.

||All participating members must have a separate LJ username for their character.

||Each "character" will update an entry [when is their choice] within the community as if it were their journal. Whether they do so in their own journal is the user's decision.

||Be open minded. This is suppose to be a pleasure, not a commitment.

||Don't bitch and whine constantly if something doesn't go your way. As mentioned, you're suppose to be having fun!

||Yaoi / yuri relationships ARE allowed [in fact, they're strongly suggest!]

||You may only control two [2] characters at max. Must leave some for other people.

||You may be any character of your choosing as long it is from:
A) A Disney Movie
B) Final Fantasy Game

||Scan through the character list before sending in an application, just to make sure or check if your first character choice is taken.

||Try no to harass one another [unless that's your character's attitude]

||OOC conversation should be kept within brackets []'s and is allowed.

||Those who miss a session [and it'll happen ;p] should visit lka_logs to see what went on while they were at leave.

||Have fun~!

This roleplay may very well include sexual/graphical text sessions. If this OFFENDS anyone, then do not join. I don't want to be awake in the wee hours of the morning, listening to some parent bitch at me because their child decided they wanted to join a community that encourages and supports yaoi/yuri writing. Any flames I receive will be ignored. So you can attempt to waste your time, that's your choice, not mine. I personally have better things to do and would rather keep a mellow temper in situations such as those.

Sending an Application

You've read the rules, and the warning, and still want to join. Then please take a few short moments of your time to send me an email subjected "Lost Kingdom" [or simply message me on AIM ~ Ryu shu teh sex] with the following included:
+ Your name
+ Your LJ name
+ The character you wish to play
+ Second choice character [in case I receive an email for the same one the same day]
+ The character's LJ
+ AIM screenname
+ Why you wish to be part of the community.

Your reason why doesn't have to be anything special, I'm just curious. So don't bother sucking up ;p

Any other OOC Info?

Mod[2]: realian
Mod[3]: credulus

Other mods will be personally selected later. <33

[ IC Info ]

It's been four long years since the door to Kingdom Hearts sealed itself away, trapping King Mickey and Riku within it's heartless depths. Friends long since parted, lives are being torn to pieces by an unknown force and body, leaving the worlds in shambles to the talons of numberless Heartless.

So what could it be, after all this time, that has brought them back? Where have the fearless heroes of each fantasy gone? What has fate rendered to them? What will destiny bring? But most of all, who's behind this new chaos that is feeding upon the light and innocence life?

Taken: Sora
By: Mumu
LiveJournal: sharpies
Character Journal: keyblade_master
AIM screenname: Ryu shu teh sex

Taken: Riku
By: Kirei Tenshi
LiveJourna: immoral
Character Journal: oblivion_master
AIM screenname: xOblivionMasterx; Beth Kirei

Taken: Kairi
By: Julie
Livejournal: riddled
Character Journal: thalassa_heart
AIM screenname: jyuulii

Taken: Leon
By: Jocey
Livejournal: credulus
Character Journal: lionharted
AIM Screenname: belted heart

Taken: Yuffie
By: Hokuto
Livejournal: rainbow_gossip
Character Journal: yuffie_desu
AIM Screenname: HikawaJinja Miko

Taken: Cloud
By: Cozzlie
Livejournal: realian
Character Journal: meteorain
AIM Screenname: o r l a n d 0 u

Taken: Zack [FFVII]
By: Court
LiveJournal: burningvigor
Character Journal: buster_sword
AIM Screenname: Zack is leashed

Taken: Aerith
By: Elly
LiveJournal: eden_guardian
Character Journal: wing_of_flowers
AIM Screename: RoyalBlaze017

Taken: Rikku
By: Broken Miho
LiveJournal: silent_yume
Character Journal: al_bhed_thief
Aim Screenname: IAmThAtIsTsUkAsA

Taken: Selphie
By: Tanpopo
LiveJournal: tanpopo_chan
Character Journal: _booyaka
AIM Screenname: GaeaVixen786, Roses4Selphie

Taken: Sephiroth
By: Jen
Livejournal: jen0va99
Character Journal: NA
AIM Screename: NA

Taken: Vincent Valentine
By: Ellie
Livejournal: page_karasu
Character Journal: dark_creation
AIM Screename: dark creation

Taken: Garnet
By: Chloe
Livejournal: sokobikari
Character Journal: darkest_blood
AIM Screename: evilowlet15

Taken: Tidus
By: Enduro
Livejournal: fightfair
Character Journal: energyrain
AIM Screename: Third Empyrean

Taken: Lulu
By: Steph
Livejournal: [Bad username: queenofthedamned]
Character Journal: belted_beauty
AIM Screenname: Nymphadora83

Taken: Quistis
By: Sky
Livejournal: somethingclever
Character Journal: save_the_queen
AIM Screenname: Tainted Masochist

Taken: Ansem
By: KujaNuri
Livejournal: xylia
Character Journal: ansem_heartless
Aim Screenname: XxKujaKissesxX

Taken: Rinoa
By: Laurie
Livejournal: nurinofushigi
Character Journal: NA
Aim Screenname: nurinofushigi

Taken: Kuja
By: Tansura
Livejournal: faithsdemon
Character Journal: _desert_prince
AIM Screenname: DarkLordTansura

Taken: Ellone
By: Andro
Livejournal: andro_chan
Character Journal: arcane_life
AIM Screenname: yeremille

Taken: Irvine
By: Jocey
Livejournal: credulus
Character Journal: exeter_
AIM Screenname: ready 2 r1de

Taken: Wakka
By: Kirei
Livejournal: immoral
Character Journal: blitz_my_balls
AIM Screenname: xOblivionMasterx; Beth Kirei

Taken: Mickey
By: Dark Moon
Livejournal: perfect_world
Character Journal: mirai_wo_mite
AIM Screenname: MiraiWoMite

Taken: Rin
By: Broken Miho
Livejournal: silent_yume
Character Journal: rin_ec_kut
AIM Screenname: IAmThAtIsTsUkAsA

Taken: Unknown
By: Kyle
Livejournal: bm_speaking
Character Journal: lost_unknown
AIM Screenname: hi im blackmage

Taken: Reno
By: Pebi
Livejournal: pebi
Character Journal: redheaded_shit
AIM Screenname: Pebi Socks

Taken: Paine
By: Eli
Livejournal: fragilite
Character Journal: n/a
AIM Screenname: n/a

Taken: Yuna
By: D-chan
Livejournal: demon_chan
Character Journal: kingdomnani
AIM Screenname: DChanNeSoul

Taken: Donald
By: Freakyio
Livejournal: freak_a_tron
Character Journal: quacking
AIM Screenname: Centuriofreak

[ OOC Note: There is no definite storyline. Things happen as they happen. ]